Restaurant For the Indian food lovers in Canada, Ontario, Orangeville

Restaurant For the Indian food lovers in Canada, Ontario, Orangeville

Restaurant For the Indian food lovers in Canada, Ontario, Orangeville CURRY MANTRA Best Indian Food Delivery in Canada: Are you an Indian expat or a student living in Canada, often longing for desi food that feels like a warm hug from your home country? Or just someone who loves to explore what the world of food has to offer? You are in good luck, my friend.


The scintillating flavors of India can now be
found on a platter in an Indian restaurant in Orangeville.

Curry Mantra is an authentic Indian
restaurant in Orangeville, Canada that has been serving up authentic vegetarian as well as non-
vegetarian dishes from different parts of India, steadily warming its way into the hearts of its


Best Indian Food Delivery in Canada:

Be prepared to be spellbound by the aroma of rich spices intermingling with the choicest
ingredients when you get your first taste of kadhai paneer or the paneer tikka. The exquisite
flavors in authentic Indian food are undoubtedly reminiscent of a rich heritage of India.


Once a feast meant for the royals, today North Indian food is synonymous with rich aromatic flavors
that will tickle your taste buds and ignite a new appreciation of food. Curry Mantra promises an
array of vegetable fare that’s both wholesome and a delight to your palette.


We have gluten-
free and dairy-free options as well. If you are here and a vegetarian to your core, don’t forget to
try our signature dish – Gobi Manchurian, or the lip-smacking Malai Kofta, a favourite Indian
Mughlai dish.


Whilst the Paneer dishes are high on calories, those looking for something lighter
on the tummy can opt for a simple yet flavorful dish such as Dal Fry or Chana Masala. And do
leave room for the desserts, too! Trust Curry Mantra to delight you with an exciting array of
authentic Indian desserts.


Ambience and service – Curry Mantra has a cozy and an inviting vibe to it. The service here is
one of the best you can find in the whole of Canada.


If you find our curry a little too spicy for
your taste, you can always intimate your wishes to our courteous staff who will be at your beck
and call to guide you through the menu before you place any order.


At Curry Mantra, customer is king and is served with great delight by our staff.

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Ratings and Reviews From Our Customers


  • Max M
    Max M

    Curry Mantra is a regular spot for us. Vegetarian friendly menu. Friendly helpful staff. Food is consistently excellent.

  • Nancy R
    Nancy R

    This excellent restaurant offers tasty Indian food! They offer a good variety of yummy dishes such as chicken curry, lamb korma and Tandoori Chicken ! They also provide excellent service!

  • Meaghan B
    Meaghan B

    Great atmosphere for dining, absolutely delicious and authentic food and customer service that is unparalleled!! I will definitely be going back. Best Indian cuisine in Orangeville hands down!!

  • William B
    William B

    I went to Curry Mantra with a friend last week and was so impressed I took my husband, my niece and another friend for dinner last night. The food was plentiful and delicious. The service and kindness of the hosts was second to none. We will definitely be back again before too long.


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